Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's to Beginings.

Hello!  My name is Stacy, and I am a craftaholic.  I decided to start posting my crafting adventures on this blog, because I would love to have an archive of the before and after processes of each of my projects.  Also, I want to start sharing my projects with others interested in crafts like you. 

I have been very inspired by the shabby chic trend after discovering Pinterest last year.  I just love the idea of taking something old or vintage and sprucing it up to give it a new life. When I was at a local flea market last weekend, I could not resist buying a vintage gold mirror.  It was only $15 which is pretty much a steal for a decent sized mirror. I have been hunting for a somewhat ornate and cheap mirror for a while, so I was thrilled to find this one:

This is not a great picture, because it was taken while the mirror was still in my trunk.  But can't you just see the potential?

Naturally, I wanted to give this mirror a shabby chic makeover.  I have been inspired by many of the ornate mirrors that I have seen on Pinterest such as this gorgeous one:

So, I went to Walmart, and I purchased a bottle of Apple Barrel gloss craft paint in Deep Purple for about $3.  The painting process was definitely a long one! It took about 30mins for each coat to dry, and I ended up having to apply at least 5 coats to cover up the gold.  At first, I thought I had ruined the mirror, because the paint was just going on in streaksit was barley covering the gold.  But, the more coats I applied; the better it began to look.  The details took the longest to cover, but it was worth all of the effort.  I just love the finished product:

I recently got engaged, and I will be moving into an apartment with my fiancé very soon.  I cannot wait to make this mirror a centerpiece in our bedroom!  This project was definitely worth my $18.

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