Monday, March 4, 2013

March's Words to Live By

Hello, lovely people!  So, this month I have chosen the above quote for my words of wisdom. I created this graphic just for you.  I am pretty obsessed with the blue and pink color combo right now, and I had a lot of fun creating this. I visited Gina's blog The Shabby Creek Cottage and participated in her Six days of Spring Link Party.  Be sure to visit her, share your spring links, and view the other spring links as well. 

*Note* This is Gina's lovely image.  I do not have any rights to it. 

 All of my life, good things have come from stepping outside of my comfort zone.  When I push myself accomplish something that I am a little afraid or nervous to dolike making or presenting a speechI always feel incredible and empowered once I actually do it.  There is definitely a sense of accomplishment that I get from pushing my own boundaries.  Also by trying new things that are unfamiliar to me, I am able to become a happier and more content person.  I love setting new limits for myself that I can keep pushing.

So, my challenge for you this month and this Spring is to step outside of your own comfort zone.  You may be surprised by the results!

I do not know where this quote originated from, but I came across it by reading this darling post on Facebook:

You can read about this picture here:  Girls the TV show on Facebook

Thanks for reading!  Happy crafting, and I hope you all are doing well.



  1. Hi Stacy! So glad you left me a comment! I'll have to check out your recipe and definitely follow you on Pinterest and your blog(which is cute!!)

    1. Thank you so much for following and leaving a comment, Terry! I will have to follow you on Pinterest as well.